Imagineer Co., Ltd. (SNES)
Designer(s)Will Wright, Justin McCormick
Platform(s)Amiga, DOS, SNES, Windows 3.x, Mac OS, NEC PC-9801
Release date(s)1991 (DOS, Windows 3.x, Mac)
1992 (Amiga)
1993 (SNES)
Genre(s)Life simulation
Rating(s)ERSB: K-A (Kids to Adults)

SimAnt is the second non SimCity game to be created. It allows you to live the life of an ant in a ant colony.

Ant LifeEdit

In the game you are a black ant living in a ant colony. You and your colony live in the backyard of a suburban home. Unlike most Sim games there is a goal to win the game- destroying your enemy the red ant colony.

The ModesEdit

Quick GameEdit

The black ant colony and the red ant colony are established in a patch. The player can have control of one black ant at one time. To win you must defeat the red ant colony.

Full GameEdit

In this version once again you have control of the black ant colony but you can go throughout the whole entire house area. You want to keep producing ants and not lose them. Then you are supposed to kill the red ants colony and drive the humans out of the house.

Experimental GameEdit

In this mode you have the same objective as Quick Game except you can also play as the red ant colony. You also have the option to customize the game. You can add various objects.

"Silly Messages" Edit

There is a certain mode where ants, and the Spider, will say amusing comments.

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