� Belladonna Cove is a neighborhood included in The Sims 2: Apartment Life. It is probably named after Bella Goth, and there is a statue of Bella holding a PlumbBob in the center. (Belladonna is also another name for deadly nightshade, a highly poisonous plant.) The neighborhood contains apartment lots as well as normal residential and community lots. Belladonna Cove is the largest neighborhood of The Sims 2 and has many residential lots and community lots. It also has the largest playable population. Belladonna Cove has many distinct districts: Slums, a trailer park, an industrial zone, a park area, the central city, the suburbs, a modern district, and the Hills, a fancy neighborhood where the high-class residents live. One thing often unnoticed about Belladonna Cove is its relative wealth. On average, Sims living in the poorer area of Belladonna Cove have around §13,000; while those living in the wealthy area have §50,000 to §227,000. In contrast, most families in Pleasantview start out with around §1,000.


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[edit] FamiliesEdit

[edit] Baldwin FamilyEdit

Benjamin and Isabel (who is Carlos Contender's niece) are married and have two children: Sofia (child) and Marcus (toddler).

[edit] Cho FamilyEdit

Vivian is a widow with a young daughter, Etsu.

[edit] Cleveland FamilyEdit

Jason and Marissa (Geoff Rutherford's sister) with their son Justin. Although they don't live in the Hills, they are considered part of the upper-class.

[edit] Contender FamilyEdit

Carlos Contender, an elder man who reached the top of the sports career, the uncle of Isabel Baldwin.

[edit] Cordial FamilyEdit

The Cordials are very similar to the Pleasant sisters, and they live in an exact copy of the Pleasant family home. They are Samantha and Kimberly Cordial. Kimberly is friends with the high witch of darkness for the neighborhood and Samantha is friends with the high witch of light.

[edit] DeBateau FamilyEdit

Armand DeBateau was married to Jessica Peterson, but she cheated on him, so they divorced. He is a business tycoon and is now living with his adopted teenage daughter Tara. He is the richest Sim in Belladonna Cove

[edit] Green HouseholdEdit

Gabriel Green and Chastity Gere are roommates living in Belladonna Cove. Despite being very different, they have been best friends since elementary school.

[edit] Rutherford HouseholdEdit

Geoff Rutherford and Connor Weir are roommates living in the nicer part of Belladonna Cove. They are quite wealthy.

[edit] Riley FamilyEdit

Timothy Riley is a widower living with his child daughter, Sally Riley.

[edit] Peterson FamilyEdit

Jessica Peterson is trying to make it on her own after her divorce from Armand DeBateau.

[edit] Gavigan FamilyEdit

Mary and Nathan and their child Isaiah.

[edit] Goodie FamilyEdit

An elderly couple wanting to see the world.

[edit] Patel FamilyEdit

Ana Patel is heavily pregnant when you first play the family, she works as a Hostess. Her husband is Ramir, who is a City Council Member. They live together in an average-sized apartment with two floors.

[edit] Newson FamilyEdit

Six orphans who have no adult living with them.